February 2013Harry & Billy

24 hour Snooker-thon

Harry Green, 15 years old, has been playing snooker at Chelmsford Snooker Club since he was nine. He is in the English under-19s Premier Junior Tour (English Association of Snooker & Billiards) playing around the country, and played for the England under-16 team at the recent home international in Wales early in 2012.

In November 2012, Harry’s practice partner Billy O’Connor (who is same age and also an England under-16 player, from Romford) was diagnosed with gem cell cancer. The boys met aged 11 at the English under 14s tournament, became best friends and are now, in Harry’s father’s words, “as thick as thieves”. So the news was a shock to Harry – and the catalyst for him to undertake a marathon event.

Straight after a visit to see Billy in UCLH back in late November,  Harry was making plans to raise money for the hospital teenage cancer ward – to make sure that Billy gets the best care available, and to show his appreciation for the effort all the nurses and doctors were putting in for Billy and his family.

Snookerthon-group-photoThe-endHarry organised a 24hr snooker-thon on the 23rd December 2012, finishing on Christmas Eve morning. The Chelmsford Club donated free table time, and family rallied round with collection buckets, but it was Harry who had to put in the real effort.

Snooker professionals Mark King, Sean O’Sullivan and ex-professional Brian Morgan attended during the Sunday to show their support, and Essex Fire and rescue Service “Chelmsford White Watch” sent a team down to see if they could win a frame off Harry!

Friends and family and club members all put their hands into their pockets, and the event raised £1,660 – and the JustGiving page is still open if you wish to contribute, at http://www.justgiving.com/Harry-Green1

Harry said “The hardest part was from 5am till 7am in the morning  where the time just seemed to stand still and the blisters on my feet and hand were hurting. But the best part was seeing Billy with a smile on his face and him thanking me for all that I was doing for him.”