December 2009
Charity supports flowers, art and music initiative to make hospital more inviting

Having fresh flowers to cheer up ward reception areas helps to make the hospital a more welcoming and less intimidating place.

Charity-supports-flowers1And when it came to choosing a florist to provide the service, UCLH Charity decided there was only one man for the job!

Cliff Anderson’s flower stall outside the University College Hospital site gave him a unique view of the hospital as it was built, and when it opened he offered to provide arrangements for the atrium and the ward reception areas.

“On a Monday I’m up at 1am, and in the market at 1.30am buying the flowers” he says. “I’m normally in the hospital by about 3.15am, and it takes me until about 7.30am to finish the 38 arrangements.”

Charity-supports-flowers2Cliff also provided the flowers for the Long Service Awards in April, which made a stunning backdrop for the photographs of the award recipients.

But it’s not just flowers that UCLH Charity are helping to support.

We also work with Foundation Trust Arts Curator Guy Noble, to support a programme of art exhibitions and displays throughout the Trust, helping to make the environment more welcoming and less stressful for patients.

Charity-supports-flowers3“Evidence shows that art in healthcare environments has a number of benefits for patients, including reducing stress, depression and anxiety, improved mental health, and even a lessening of pain and lower doses of medication” says Guy, who also organises regular concerts in the hospitals.

“It all helps to improve both the experiences and the therapeutic and medical outcomes for our patients.”