Clinic funds rise as supporters dive from the skies!

The Prion Clinic has received more than £4,500 with two plucky duos taking part in tandem skydives. Stephen and Jaqui Clark took to the skies to raise money for the Clinic after their friend Jamie Eaves’ father was diagnosed with Prion Disease, and Jamie and her sister will undertake their dive in the Spring.

“Jamie’s father is a good friend of ours and was recently diagnosed with GSS, a rare form of Prion Disease” explains Stephen. “The disease affects the brain tissue and causes sufferers to slowly lose the ability to perform normal functions that everyone takes for granted. Not only do the people affected suffer but their families have to watch them slowly deteriorate and it causes a lot of stress and anguish to all those close to them.”

“Prion disease is a fatal neurological condition that can be inherited, so as our father was diagnosed in January 2008, it is affecting my whole family” adds Jamie.