November 2015Marathon runners

Feeling energetic?

Amy and her sister-in-law ran a marathon for us… and Amy tells us her roller-coaster story.

"My daughter Nellie was born in October 2014 at UCH by emergency caesarian section after we lost her heart beat. She was born very distressed having been starved of oxygen with the umbilical cord wrapped twice round her neck. She had breathing difficulties due to meconium aspiration and was taken straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, who noticed very early on she was suffering from seizures which could not be controlled. She was put into a cooling cot and a MRI a few days later confirmed she had suffered a stroke. She recovered well but then had heart failure when she was 10 days old. 

“Amazingly, we came home when she was 3 and half weeks old with a healthy happy baby, who incredibly has no signs of any long term damage. The care we received and continue to receive is better than we could ever have expected and we feel so incredibly lucky. It’s purely down to the fantastic care we received from the Doctors, nurses, and receptionists (in fact anyone we came into contact with). 

Nellie christening“We ran a half marathon back in March at Hampton Court Palace - we felt it was the right thing to do, as just leaving after a month and heading home with our little girl with only a thank you didn't seem enough.”

Amy and her family and friends raised over £6,000, which has gone to support the neonatal services at UCH. We are so grateful to them all for this fantastic support!