July 2008
Honeymoon Grant helps new consultant John work in Paris hospital

honeymoon-grant-1Dr John Dick has just returned from a Paris hospital, where he has been broadening his experience in anaesthesia with the help of a “Honeymoon Grant” from UCLH Charity. We asked him about what he had gained from his four-month secondment.

How did you hear about the Honeymoon Grant?
From another consultant who arranged a similar opportunity a few years earlier when he fi rst took on his role.

How did you make the link with the hospital in Paris?
I bumped into the Professor who runs the department in Paris at a conference last year. He had made a similar trip himself to the USA at the beginning of his career and realised what a great opportunity these exchanges provide. He was keen to support my application, as long as my French was up to it!


What did you hope to learn?
It’s important to constantly question whether your clinical practice is good enough or can be improved. Working in a new department makes you question why things are done in a certain way and think about ideas that you can bring back with you.

Was it worthwhile/helpful?
It was fantastic. The challenge of working in a department in a different country (and a different language) has been pretty hard, but extremely worthwhile. And the highs of meeting and looking after patients and working as a team easily made up for any diffi culties.

Would you recommend other new consultants to set up similar visits?
Mais oui, bien sûr!