Disabled Go is a web-based service that provides detailed information about accessibility of venues and thanks to a UCLH Charity grant, UCLH is now on board. Jessica Drummond, project manager reviews the success of the project so far.

Disabled go group shot for websiteFor those who have a disability, visiting a new place may be daunting. Not knowing accessibility information may cause significant anxiety, and can lead to problems upon arrival. As John Knight, UCLH patient governor says, “For a disabled person, it’s not really an option to go on a whim”. Accessibility details become very important.

UCLH recognises this and that’s why, thanks to a grant of £28k from UCLH Charity, the hospital has teamed up with Disabled Go to provide visitors with a web-based service that offers detailed accessibility information together with easily recognisable symbols to make information easy to understand.

So far, the website has been a success, and this can be seen in the stats. Between 1st November and 11th January, the guide has been accessed 1195 times, and 71.5% of these views are from London users, demonstrating that as predicted, the page is attractive to local users who know the area, as well as patients from outside London.

“The main advantage of this is that it gives disabled people or anyone else with special access requirements the option to pre-plan”, says Jessica Drummond, project manager, and explains that this is empowering as it gives visitors the independence to visit our sites confidently. “The guides are also expected to improve staff experience, as they will receive fewer parking or directions enquiries on the day.”

Users often comment on the resemblance between Disabled Go and Trip Advisor. It is user-friendly, providing a description of the journey into the venue, and includes photographs of the features covered.

Specific UCLH sites were selected for the initial pilot of the project, and the outpatient’s main reception has been viewed the most so far. If the guides prove impactful, Disabled Go will be implemented trust-wide. “The statistics show that the tool is used, and the project sends out a strong message to our visitors - that UCLH is committed to improving patient experience.”

For more information about the project, please contact Jessica Drummond: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Disabled Go is available here.