October 2015

London Bridgathon 2015

Another year, another winner!

The beautiful weather set the scene for another wonderful day at the 2015 London Bridgathon. A sunny Archbishop’s Park, with great facilities and conveniently located near Waterloo Station and the Thames set the scene for the 2015 walk.  

And of course, we were delighted to welcome an incredible 420 walkers! Each year we watch the event grow as new patients and families join the huge numbers of regulars. Some of our walkers have attended almost every year, including Victoria Williams, Steve Bissaker, Moira and George Robertson, Mary and Alan Male, Gwen and Jeanette Kemp, Ron Iden, Janet Caruso and Sam Kerridge to name but a few! This year we were joined by a large group of nurses from T13 who turned out in force. They came to see Ben McCarthy, whose family and friends are a constant presence, always supporting HCC events, since Ben’s treatment.

Thank you to our patrons, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Sheree Murphy, who mingled with walkers and together with their families walked the six miles between Westminster and London Bridges. Their support adds to the relaxed, friendly, community atmosphere at the Bridgathon. A big thank you also to the HCC volunteers, who ensure the smooth running of events and greet and register walkers so cheerily! 

We so appreciate all our London Bridgathon walkers and we hope you had a great day being part of and raising funds for Haematology Cancer Care.


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