July 2011
Meet-Lee-Laycock-our-first-volunteer-photographer1Meet Lee Laycock our first volunteer photographer

When we were looking for photos of the Acute Medical Unit for a new ward leaflet, Sister Liz Sadler sent through some staff pictures taken by Lee Laycock as a retirement present for a fellow health care assistant.

Meet-Lee-Laycock-our-first-volunteer-photographer4The photos were great and we asked Lee if he’d help us out with the photos for some of our publications.

Lee first became interest in photography at the age of 15. “My dad was a keen photographer and we used to have our own dark room at home” he says.

Meet-Lee-Laycock-our-first-volunteer-photographer2“The retirement photos were a bit of a challenge because he hadn’t taken any portraits before, but he had taken quite a lot of candid shots in the past and he felt that helped.

I let the subject do their ‘photo face’ for a couple of shots, then after I had a couple of those most people just thought that was it and relaxed - I continued shooting and a lot of the expressions are of people laughing because they know they’ve been caught slightly off guard.”

Meet-Lee-Laycock-our-first-volunteer-photographer3It took Lee three weeks to put together the retirement album and he decided to take some dramatically-lit photographs around the hospital while he had his camera with him. “It was just a question of waiting for the right conditions” he says. “I don’t like to enhance my pictures very much at all, I may adjust the exposure slightly and straighten up horizons, but not much more than that.”