January 2011
Breathing Matters Launch

On 19th January 2011, Breathing Matters was launched.  Professor Geoffrey Laurent, Director of the Centre for Respiratory Centre (CRR), was joined by his team of scientists and researchers as well as respiratory doctors from University College Hospital.

The launch was attended by 120 patients and relatives.  Speakers included Dr Jo Porter, Malcolm Weallans and Manjiry Tamhane who spoke about topics ranging from living with respiratory disease through to the importance of patient support in shaping future scientific research and ways you can directly help us. Scientists and doctors were on hand to talk about their current research and answer many probing questions.

Feedback from the event was very positive; many patients and relatives had not heard of the work of the CRR and gained hope by our efforts.  Also, many scientists were inspired by meeting the patients whom their work helps.

UCLH Charity

Breathing Matters is the new Centre for Respiratory Research fund which is part of UCLH Charity. It has been set up to raise awareness, provide patient support and help find a cure for respiratory diseases.  The focus of our research is into pulmonary fibrosis, lung infection and lung cancer, although our research touches on other diseases.

Breathing Matters supports the CRR in their commitment to find better ways to diagnose and treat respiratory diseases, but to also encourage patients, their families and friends to become actively involved as advocates, advisors, fundraisers or even participants.

For ways on how you can become involved or find out more about us, you can visit our website on www.breathingmatters.co.uk