May 2013 
Running for Flo

Like Andrew and Michelle Doughty in our previous story, Ali and Andy Tate lost their daughter Flo 25 weeks into their first pregnancy: and they too spoke highly of the care, compassion and dignity shown to them by the staff at UCL Hospitals. So when, just a few weeks later, Andy won a place in the 2012 London Marathon, he chose to support the Butterfly Fund to help other parents.AndyafterMararthon

“Having had to use some of the services which the fund supports, Ali and I can testify how very important they are at such a sad time. We decided we wanted to give something back to the team who looked after us so wonderfully, to create a lasting legacy for Flo” says Andy.

On the day, it was only the thought of Flo which kept Andy going. “By mile 18 my energy levels were pretty much exhausted and I got a bad stitch, but the thought of our little baby girl and the brilliant cause I was running for kept me going.” He finished in just over 4 ½ hours – a little slower than he had hoped – and raised several thousand pounds for us.

"The money which Andy, and others like him, have raised for the Butterfly Fund is hugely important" says bereavement midwife Lyn Gilbert. "At present it helps us to provide memories for the family, improving the environment and provisions whilst on the ward and contributes towards the annual memorial service. But perhaps the most important thing is that other families know they are not alone: this support comes from families who know what it is like to lose a child, who have been there, and who have gone to great lengths to help others in the same situation."

If you would like to support the work of the fund, you can donate at