April 2014

Team MesmerEyez conquer in Coventry

Haroon Mota, a senior Activity Co-ordinator with the University College Hospital, isn't satisfied just to do the day job for the hospital.

In March 2014, he and a team of friends ran the Coventry Half Marathon and raised over £12,000 to support young people with cancer. The funds they raised will go to provide additional facilities for teenagers on the Harley Street@UCLH cancer ward. Many of these young people have come for treatment from a distance away, or even from overseas, so having games and social events provides extremely valuable support during their stay.
Haroon had run the half marathon before, so he knew what he was asking his friends to undertake - and supported them in the training for the event to help them through.

Inshira Faizar, a member of the team, said, “Running the half marathon meant a whole load more to me than just 13 long miles. I lost my baby cousin to cancer and I wanted to run the marathon in memory of him. When I first signed up for it I had no idea where and how to start- thought I made the wrong decision as the commitment for it was huge, plus I was always the lazy girl in school PE days!

“But Haroon stepped in and supported us from the very beginning, he was there for us from training to fundraising tips."

Bilkiss A Navsarka added, “ I have to start with thanking Haroon for his support as without him I would never ever had committed myself to the Coventry half marathon run. It’s been a privilege working under him. He is an amazing young man, with great expectations.”

Fatiha said, “Participating in the Coventry Half was really motivational and inspirational, for a few reasons. Firstly, being part of a team made the experience greater.  It shows that together we can achieve a lot, whether it is fundraising or running, team members were always available to push us and make us carry on,

“Then, the cause and the fundraising gave a sense to training, running and working hard. It made the muscular pain, blisters and heavy legs worthy! Finally, the people who were waiting, clapping, encouraging runners made the difference - they really help me to push.
“I was suffering in the last hill so I removed my headphone to hear the cheers and it worked!! I managed to go up the hill and kept running.”

Team MesmerEyez were sponsored by MesmerEyez.com who covered the entry fee of each runner.

If you would like to support the team, you can still contribute by giving at www.justgiving.com/t15playfund or by texting  "PLAY97 (£)" to 70070. Thank you!