July 2009
Team-plan-half-marathon-to-say-thank-you-for-treatmentTeam plan half marathon to say thank you for treatment

Serena Bracken was inspired to raise money for UCLH after the treatment and support her mother received there.

"A team of us – including my dad and Nancy Huntley from the hospital – are planning to run a half marathon in September" she says. "We aim to raise as much money as possible to thank everyone for their hard work and to support the important testing and research work done at the hospital."

Serena’s mother went to her local hospital in Sidcup after pinhead bruises kept appearing on her hands, arms and face. She also had a headache, nose bleeds and looked very pale. She was transferred to UCLH where she was told she had a very rare blood disease called TTP, which meant that her blood was forming platelets that were clotting internally, causing the bruises.

"My mother was in UCLH for almost four weeks, undergoing plasma exchanges twice a day to clean her blood and receiving rituximab as part of a trial to kill the antibody making her blood form so many clots" says Serena. "She got the most unbelievable treatment and support, especially from her nurse Nancy Huntley. In fact, staff there gave outstanding care to the whole family. My mother is now at home but still getting the most amazing support and treatment as an outpatient." www.justgiving.com/serena-mariabracken