February 2013
The Butterfly Fund

Andrew and Michelle Doughty’s twin daughters, Isabelle and Skye, were born in the UCH Neo-natal unit on March 2nd, 2012, at just 23 weeks. Sadly, they were just too small to survive, and died in their parents’ arms.

But the support which the staff of the unit offered was important in helping Andrew and Michelle cope with their loss. “We cannot be more grateful for the compassion, consideration and support we received from everyone at UCLH who did everything they could for Michelle and me” says Andrew. “They treated our girls with dignity, helped us to create memories and arranged some of the difficult duties such as registering their deaths and a funeral so that we could say goodbye to Izzy and Skye properly.”

The couple, who also want to thank all their friends and family for supporting them, decided that they wanted to help other parents going through the same experience. Together with friends and colleagues, they are undertaking a series of events – including some very tough physical challenges – to raise money for the UCLH Charity Butterfly Fund.

The Bosley FelFielding & Nicholson partyl Run – 7.5km over mountainous terrain – was, in Andrew’s words, “horrendous”, but he and friends Steve Bancroft and Dan Mannion all managed to finish, and still came back for more in August with the Self-Transcendence 10km run.

Michelle’s employer Fielding & Nicholson Tailoring put on a fundraising evening at the Brompton Club in South Kensington, and her mother held a car boot sale in Manchester – and more events are being planned all the time.

You can keep up to date – and contribute to the fundraising – on Andrew’s JustGiving page, www.justgiving.com/adoughty.