July 2008
Trust receives record-breaking grants from UCLH charity

University College London Hospitals is to receive £7 million for medical research and £3 million for a stateof- the-art Education Centre after the UCLH Charity Trustees announced record allocations.


Research projects that will benefi t from the funding, which will be matched pound for pound by the Trust, include work on breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, young people’s cancer, cardiovascular disease and gene therapy. “The matched funding announced by UCLH Charity and the Trust is fantastic” says Dr Nick McNally, Divisional Manager of the Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre. “There is a real sense of enthusiasm and commitment from our lead researchers and a desire to crack on with major new research initiatives that will make a difference to patients. This funding gives us the green light to make it happen.”

Professor Ian Jacobs, Dean of Health Sciences at University College London and Director of the UCLH/UCL Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre, has also welcomed the funding.

“Our vision is to build on the excellence of basic science at University College London and link it with the translational and clinical research at the Trust to consolidate our position as one of the world’s leading centres for medical research” he says. “The UCLH Charity contribution is an essential part of this effort.”


An increasing proportion of people are leaving legacies specifi cally for research. “Many people who leave a legacy want to change things for the future” explains Zung To, Projects Manager for UCLH Charity. “They want to stop people dying 20 years down the line from the same illness they have and research holds the key to that.”

Staff working on plans to fi t out and run a multi-million pound Education Centre on London’s Euston Road are delighted with their £3 million allocation. The Centre, which will offer teaching facilities for Trust staff and external courses, will provide ward areas, meeting and consulting rooms that will allow participants to develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

“This is a hugely exciting project for UCLH and one that will put the Trust at the forefront of organisational learning in the NHS” says Steve Andrews, who is managing the project to develop the Centre.

“Perhaps one of the most innovative elements will be a narrative centre, an enclosed area that will use different techniques to tell simple stories of people’s hospital experiences.

“These powerful stories will help staff to understand how visitors and patients feel and think in diffi cult situations and how their behaviour can encourage and support those people in ways they need it most.”

We need your help so that the work we fund can continue. To find out how you can leave a legacy to UCLH Charity, or make a donation, please call Rachel Wilcox on 020 3447 9605, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..