Cancer Care

This Fund supports cancer services at UCLH and in particular for research, treatment and comfort for cancer patients.CancerTracy

Cancer Care was set up in 1973 for the Meyerstein Institute of Radiotherapy at the Middlesex Hospital, now UCLH, by a patient, Lilly Barber. She specifically set up the fund for “the care and comfort of cancer patients” and to improve their environment and facilities beyond those readily available through the NHS. The Fund is supported by small donations from patients, their family and friends and the occasional legacy. 

CancerNursesThe Fund has provided:

            • complementary therapy
            • free hot drinks in clinics
            • flowers to cheer up waiting areas
            • specialist equipment, such as the LUCY Phantom, which is used to pinpoint radiotherapy
            • artworks to improve the environment in which patients are treated.

The UCH Cancer Fund has now taken over the running of this Fund. More information can be found on the website