Equipment for the Eastman Dental Hospital and allergy services

A team of 10, from the Eastman Dental Hospital and the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, have entered a 12 mile Tough Mudder obstacle challenge, aiming to raise £5,000, to help patients with dental abnormalities or with allergies.

Dental abnormalities

Donations will go toward equipment funding for our new hospital (UCLH Charity, registered charity no 229771).  Although monies received will benefit all patients, our fund-raising focus is for patients suffering from dental abnormalities such as developmentally missing teeth.  These are a deserving group of patients, many of whom suffer missing teeth as a result of syndromes such as Down’s and Ectodermal Dysplasia.   Treatments provided are complex and involve many different hospital Departments, starting at a young age and continuing to adulthood.  Treatments include oral medical care, braces, removable dentures and dental implants and crowns/ bridges.  The results for our patients can be life-changing.

This 19 year old male was born with only one adult tooth: the second picture shows the same patient restored with dental implants and bridges.

Before 1After 1








A 20 year old female who suffered from missing teeth and tooth enamel defects, resulting from a hereditary developmental disorder, was treated with crowns and bridges.

Before 2After 2








Allergy Services

Seasonal allergic rhinitis is increasing in prevalence, such that 1 in 4 persons is affected in the UK.  Alongside this, food and drug allergies have a major impact on our lives and potential for appropriate treatment. 

The adult allergy department provides treatment for patients who have severe allergic rhinitis with immunotherapy, a treatment requiring the patient to attend the hospital every 4 – 6 weeks for an hour, for three years.  Patients with drug & food allergies have skin prick / intradermal skin testing, and depending on the results, we can then “challenge” the patient by giving them small, incremental dosages over a period of a few hours. 

Allergy1To maximise the best outcomes for our patients funds raised will go towards the purchase of a portable cardiac monitor. This device would improve the safe monitoring of our patients during their food and/or drug challenges in our clinics. 


Also, we aim to acquire a portable exhaled nitric oxide device. Measurements of the exhaled nitric oxide are very important when assessing patients with asthma and rhinitis. Nitric oxide levels facilitate differential diagnosis in patients referred to us with the symptoms of rhinitis and guide our decision regarding the optimal treatment.

Funds raised will go towards the purchase of one of these pieces of equipment for the adult allergy services.

Thanks so much for your support. You can donate online at