Fight for Life - the big fund for little people

The Fight for Life children's cancer fund is committed to raising substantial amounts each year to maintain the Radiotherapy Unit treating children at the UCLH.

This unit services all of Great Ormond Street's radiotherapy needs and is the primary paediatric radiotherapy unit in the south-east of England.

Since Fight for Life began in 1997 we have purchased a Radiotherapy Linear Accelerator machine, a PET/CT Scanner and Rapid Arc.

One of our top priorities is to develop this technology further, as part of the very active research programme. FFL have facilitated TrueBeamTM – which can deliver higher radiotherapy doses to smaller areas – with a million pounds of support, and is totally committed to completing this exciting project over the next three years.

We also maintain the wonderful children's waiting room and play area which is regularly updated with toys and equipment. The play area and their wonderful play therapist help to make the unit a much less scary place for the children in treatment.

You can find out about events, current projects and supporters on the Fight for Life website and donate at