SUCCESS (Surviving Childhood Cancer – Empowerment, Surveillance and Support) was launched to help youngsters surviving brain tumours and cancer in childhood and needing support as they approach adulthood to gain mental and physical health, get back to and enjoy school, find independence and employment, achieve fertility and parenthood, deal with neurodisability, visual and hearing impairments. Some experience a second life-threatening disorder of hormones controlling thirst, hunger and vital functions or diabetes.

Much effort and research goes – rightly – into curing cancer and 80% of children now survive. Sadly, this alone is not enough. We also need timely interventions to minimise the longer-term consequences and with help and advocacy achieve the goals and quality of life these young people deserve.

SUCCESSIn order to support survivors of childhood cancer, SUCCESS aims to raise £50,000 over the next three years. This will be used to:

  • pump-prime staff posts (specialist nurses, neuropsychologists and researchers) to work with, and be advocates for, our cohort of 700+ brain tumour survivors;
  • raise awareness amongst survivors, oncologists and educationalists of the long-term needs beyond cure – through education of staff and patients, training patient "ambassadors" such as Maria, providing information via the Web and leaflets, advocacy services, and sharing information at national and international conferences;
  • clinical audit and research – reviewing 2 decades of existing data on the longer-term outcomes for survivors
  • Facilitating or expanding new age-appropriate one stop "drop in" multidisciplinary transition services for the most needy (eg fertility counselling, career advice, hormone replacement, and health management).

We are very grateful to everyone who has taken part in fundraising events for us, and raised money via JustGiving - particularly David James, Jessica Rankine and Penelope Rodriguez-Cabrera. Perhaps their efforts will inspire you to fundraise for us!

STOP PRESS - We are delighted that an article about survivorship from brain tumours has recently been published by The Endocrine Society. The young post graduate doctor who undertook it was inspired by the topic and chose to work with me to undertake  it without dedicated time or funding. Your donations funded his tuition fees, enabled this almost unique clinical research in a "Cinderella" survivorship area after  brain injury and facilitated  valuable service evaluation.

We feel this is an enormous achievement for our fund. This high impact journal publication is not only a step in the right direction but Dr Gan is now undertaking a PhD in the field and we have supported 3 other successful MSCs and 2 major student electives (with their parallel research) as well as pump primed a psychologist and 2 specialist nurses.

Read the article (pdf)

To support this work, donations can be sent to the main charity address, made payable to “UCLH Charity (0880)” - thank you!