The EGA Children’s Outpatients Department at UCH

We want to make the EGA Children’s Outpatients Department at UCH a fun place to visit, and that's why we have trained paediatric nurses and skilled health care assistants to look after our children and young people.

These include two play specialists, who work with the children and young people and their families to make their experience in hospital as positive as possible.

Some of the things they do involve preparation and support for procedures, facilitating games and activities and ensuring that the environment is well equipped with appropriate toys and equipment.

We try to ensure that they all leave hospital in a positive frame of mind, looking forward to their return visit if necessary.

The children who come to the clinics are normally here for long periods of time.

To help them relax and cope with their treatment we need:

  • Music CDs
  • An iPod to load and play music on
  • Toys and play items
  • Funding for art projects
  • Nintendo Wii Games

We also need:

  • A portable oxygen machine that can be easily moved
  • Small presents to reward children who have had to have lots of treatment, to say well done for learning to have eye drops, having skin prick tests for allergies or learning to use an insulin pump to help control their diabetes
  • Funding to pay for sibling days, so that they can understand what is happening to their brother and sister and not feel frightened.

To support this work, donations can be sent to the main charity address, made payable to “UCLH Charity (1179)” – thank you!